Septic Tank Emptying and Cleaning Services


Drainline’s expertise is in liquid waste disposal and the clearing of sewers, septic tanks and waste removal of sewage and hazardous waste. Our team of highly skilled professionals also offer jetting and industrial waste management. We offer a seven day, 24 hour emergency response to service any drainage or spill issue.

  • Septic Tanks
  • Food Waste
  • Culvert Cleaning
  • Interceptors
  • Soakaway Clean
  • Bund Walls
  • Leachate Collection
  • Oil Spills
  • Catch Pits
  • Pond & Lagoon Emptying
  • Cesspits
  • Grease Trap Waste
  • Oil spill response
  • Oil waste disposal
  • Aco/linear drains

Interceptor Cleaning

Regular Interceptor cleaning and emptying is an important part of keeping a system running efficiently and avoiding environmental incidents, we provide a service to our customers to ensure that interceptors can be periodically serviced thus avoiding the expense of emergency call-outs. However if the unforeseen does occur we provide a 24 hour response team for Interceptor cleaning and emptying.

Septic Tank Emptying and Cleaning

We have a range of bulk waste removal vehicles sized to suit all requirements from private houses to large industrial premises and are able to offer a same/next day service. The term “septic” relates to the anaerobic bacterial system that develops within the tank and causes the waste that is discharged into the tank to decompose or mineralise. Regular, preventive maintenance is required to remove the irreducible solids which settle at the bottom of the septic tank, reducing its capacity and efficiency. It is important to have the tank emptied regularly to avoid the possibility of solids escaping the tank and destroying the clarified liquid effluent. If you properly maintain your septic tank system it will last for many years. Drainline’s septic tank cleaning services can help you make that happen.


Drainline’s drain jetting service provides fast and effective cleaning for sewers, drains, culverts, pipes, interceptor tanks and grease traps, using high pressure water jetting. Water Jetting (commonly known as High Pressure (HPWJ) is increasingly used by industry as an efficient and effective technology for environmentally sensitive tank / vessel cleaning, and descaling, operations.

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